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About Northwest Rifleman

At Northwest Rifleman our motto is to, "Celebrate the Outdoors!" We do this through programs that support the outdoors, hunting and the shooting sports. We never stop looking for the next opportunity to share, encourage and strengthen one another in our enjoyment of the shooting sports and the outdoors.

Our company and work ethic are founded in the principles of experience, passion and fun. We put brilliant minds together to drive innovative services and products.

Mission Statement

Grow the responsible usage of firearms, expand the enjoyment of the shooting sports and further personal defense for individuals and families.

Partner Relations

Our goal is to be the preeminent provider of innovative firearms-related products and services for the Northwest, Mountain West and beyond. As part of our overall strategy to compete in each relevant market segment, we use our core competencies of experience and creative design to build solutions for individuals, families and businesses. We believe that we have the scale, capacity and talent to establish new offerings that proactively respond to customers’ needs quickly.

If you would like to partner with or request additional corporate information, please contact our Partner Relations Department.

Summit Outdoor Group LLC | ATTN: Partner Relations | P.O. Box 199 | Banks, OR 97106
Phone: (503) 987-0747 | Fax: (503) 536-1806 |

Advertising and Promotions

If you would like to advertise with Northwest Rifleman, please use our Contact Us feature to submit an inquiry to our Advertising and Promotions Department. Northwest Rifleman also partners with advertisers in co-marketing, cross-promotional services and campaigns.

Career Opportunities

Northwest Rifleman is constantly looking for industry leading talent. Our backgrounds and areas of expertise vary from content development, sales and marketing to research and design. We encourage you to submit your resume by emailing, faxing or mailing a copy to our HR Department.

Summit Outdoor Group LLC | ATTN: HR | P.O. Box 199 | Banks, OR 97106

External Communities and Services

Northwest Rifleman hosts a Facebook Page and encourages group members to collaborate and share using this resource. Additionally, Northwest Rifleman utilizes Twitter to provide updates and information to-and-amongst interested Northwest Rifleman Twitter followers.


Northwest Rifleman Supports and Sponsors

National Rifle Association

Safari Club International
Oregon Hunters Association
National Rifle Association Business Alliance

Hunt Fair Chase
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

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